WATCH IMMY TRADE LIVE : Immy Trades Dax 30 and Talks about it non stop for 35 minutes

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So, I found There was a Setup 1 forming on DAX30 so I took the trade. Posted image / signal in my Chatroom and then thought, why not record the session. So below is a Trading Session,
*** Watch Me Trade Live***
I have not stopped talking for 30 minutes lol so hopefully it should cover some good points.
Here is The Video ...
Watch Immy Trade Live: You will Learn in this Session:
1. What is Setup 1
2. What is ATM
3. How to Manage Live Trades with Stress Free Mindset
4. How to remain calm and relaxed during live trades
5. How to move SL to a better location
6. How to re enter the market if need be.


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