Strongly bearish and Bullish no loss Forex trading strategy | Taniforex Urdu & Hindi Tutorial

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Market trend is your one friend in Forex trading business. in this tutorial very easy way. First click on this link and open a Forex trading free account. open MT4 account and login. Octafx daily send in news option market trend idea. daily difference currencies market bullish and bearish. in this best beginners strategy only work on strongly bearish and strongly bullish trend pairs. open MT4 and D1 time frame is best for you. if you find EUR USD strongly bullish then your previous day low is your stop loss. if your stop loss 50 pips then your take profit same 50 pips. octafx strongly bullish and strongly bearish daily trend winning result 80%+. in this trading 2 difference ways. first trade on 500$ account lot size 0.01. if your first strongly bullish and strongly bearish signal give you loss then your next trade double 0.02. and 2nd way no need for use martingale system. always trade 0.01 on 500$ investment. in your 10 trades 8 or 9 trades give you profit. all information in this 100% win , no loss Forex trading strategy 2019 in Hindi and Urdu by Tani Forex. For more information about Strong best Bullish and Strongly bearish market trading strategies must visit

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