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BackTest [1~31] August'2019
For KAYINCO's friends:

EA-NAVIGATOR is a product that we created to be able to see an analysis of the work of EA-KAYINCO physiologically.

What is broadcast as a testing and verification tool follows the passage of time in the future.

What we are currently broadcasting is the latest version of the "V-100" series that we will prepare to complete the EA-KAYINCO lineup in 2020.

Testing and inspection takes 6 months from July 2019 to December 2019. And you can also be a witness and participate in the process every day.

How it works EA-NAVIGATOR is the latest signal indicator analysis. We also display a backtest every month, randomly [agreed to start on the 15th of every month]. By watching backtest, hopefully you can also see the workings and executions carried out by our algorithm independently [without human intervention].

If someone asks, are you 100% sure that EA-KAYINCO always achieves the target. Our answer is to remain as usual, always believing in the study of "statistics and probability" which is the basis of the KAYINCO algorithm. So, EA-KAYINCO will work on dozens of accounts, starting at different times. So that when combined between success and failure. Probability gives us a more certain advantage. You can watch the proposal in "Secret Tip # 4".

EA-KAYINCO is only used limited to our team. So what we can share is EA-NAVIGATOR as estimates and predictions to support your personal analysis.

May be useful ..

Thank you and best regards
KAYINCO team - Indonesia
Thanks for watching and an extra "

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