Bressert Trading Cycles

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CycleTrader Pro Trading Cycle Count Alpha Beta

I am Walter Bressert son, Jerome Bressert, and I stayed close to my father who molded me directly and indirectly since I was seven years old. My passion is creating indicators and trading pattern ideas for automatic trading systems on NinjaTrader. Day Trading Futures ES, NQ, CL, Forex, YM ZB has been in my blood as long as I can remember.

Helping others learn how to begin day trading to beat the futures markets is what I do. Remember there is still risk in trading. Read disclaimers.

We provide custom trading charts, indicators, and system strategies. My focus is day trading patterns and formulating ideas never thought of before to give traders a real trading advantage over other traders.

Mission Statement –
My mission at CycleTrader Pro is direct: Create 2500 elite traders to be able to make money consistently using CycleTrader Indicators and Auto Systems.

I do this by developing real-time indicators that show momentum better than most others out there. This business has been in my blood my whole life. It’s what I do, and I like it. I do not give up until the indicator(s) can tell the story you have been looking for, so you make money more often.

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Day trading strategy on how to trade forex for beginners is key. Learning the basics is a start. If you need a day trading course, we have one for free. When you learn to day trade the e-mini sp futures, you will be on your way. Some of you may want to look at auto trading systems. But, Emini futures trading is the best. We can help be your day trading coach on how to day trade for a living. When you learn how to scalp the e-mini futures, it can be some of your best days. But you need the best indicators to show you the way. CycleTrader Pro offers this for you. Day trade to win!

The risk of loss in trading stocks, futures, forex, and options is substantial, and losses may exceed initial investments. Past performance, whether actual or simulated, is not indicative of future results. By viewing this video, you agree that any decision to purchase or sell any financial product is the sole responsibility of the person initiating such a transaction, specifically you. And or this YouTuber is not responsible for your decisions or their consequences. This video is for educational purpose only.

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